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~~~~~WELCOME ALL~~~~~
~~~From your host, Xelements~~~
Recorded set's on mixcloud go to: or search Saintrood in mixcloud & Instagram

Thank you firstly for checking out my station. I've been mixing for a couple of years & decided to get on air & enjoy the music with other's because music is about coming together as one!

On Radio Saintrood you'll hear many genres from Drum n Bass, breakbeat, house, trance & all things dance. With some dub, reggae, hip hop, world beats & more mixed in...Along with some right random & quite weird shit rammed in there!

If you like what you're hearing then lock in, lock on please give radio Saintrood a vote. I thank you & enjoy. If it isn't your bag that's cool too. Maybe next time it'll be more your thang!

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Lets ave it Thursday. DnB set here with me Xelements
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Peace n love to all.x

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It'd be Strood not too

Also check out... Radio Saintrood on Instagram & and Please check the schedule for up coming broadcasts. Along with scheduled broadcasts some random spontaneous broadcasts may occur here on Radio saintrood!

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